Historical Programs and Lectures

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Annual Meeting Programs
Founding Mothers : Women in the American Revolution
What did women do during the American Revolution?  The talk explores how both ordinary and extraordinary women participated in the events that gave birth to the United States.

The Parallel Church: Women and their Congregations
Until recent times, women had almost no official roles or  voice in Churches.  The talk explores the ways that American women created  roles for themselves in the church as they shaped parish/congregational life, christian education, mission and outreach.

The American Family in Hitorical Perspective
How traditiional is the traditional familt?  Beginning with a look at the family at the time of the American Revolution, the talk looks at how difficult it is to generalize about the American family and the gap between reality and our current rhetoric about the family.

Custom talks - specialty areas, U.S. Women, Colonial History
American Revolution, Bill of Rights, History of the South, Episcopal Church
Specially designed 30-50 minute lectures to fit your occasion.

Living history - Conversation with a Suffragist
Spend an hour with Pauline Inglis, an Illinois suffragist who has come on a visit to your city in 1920.  She talks about her family, and reflects on the struggle for women's vote in and what  ratification of the 19th amendment means for the 1920 election.  Done in costume with slides and/or powerpoint.


* $50 discount if two or more services contracted